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Meet our ERB radio presenters...

Simon Clitheroe
Simon Clitheroe

Simon introduces new bands/artists and music on Emerging Rock Bands Radio. On this page you will find links to all of his latest shows. As well as being a presenter on ERB radio, Simon is also a songwriter & performer for the band Divinity Rise

‘Simon Introduces’ airs on Thursdays at 19:00.

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Matt Plummer

Matt was born and bred in Derbyshire, slap bang between two cracking cities;
Manchester and Sheffield, each with a thriving music scene. His show, ‘The Lucky Dip’ includes a mixture of all manner of rock, new and old, heavy and less so. Lots of variety plus interviews too, just for good measure.

‘The Lucky Dip’ airs on Saturdays at 19:00.

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Bob Freeman

Bob Freeman, aka Agent Cowboy, has been following the Emerging Rock scene for a few years now and loves it. His shows on ERB Radio feature bands he has seen as well as those that have been recommended, from those that know a lot more! Growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, his musical likes cover a wide range, so his shows may take different directions.

Bob’s ‘Sunday Lunch’ airs alternate Sundays at 14:00.

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George Hill - Rifftastic-Rock-Show-Photo
George Hill

George brings you his Rifftastic Rock Show. Guaranteed to get you playing air guitar and pulling those faces that guitarists make when they are bending strings, George aims to bring you some new bands, some unsung heroes and the odd classic track. If it has a great riff and ticks all the boxes, its going in the show! Tune in and turn it up to 11!

Join the ‘Rifftastic Rock Show’ on Wednesdays at 19:00.

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Claire Hill

Claire’s ‘On the Road Again’ brings fresh, exciting music from new and emerging bands plus the odd track by more established artists. Each show will exclusively focus on bands/artists from one country, county, town or city, and we’ll travel to a new destination each and every show.

Buckle up for ‘On the Road Again’ on alternate Tuesdays between 19:00 and 20:00.

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Dean Parker

Dean has a real love and passion for rock music in general, but a special soft spot for emerging rock bands. Dean loves attending intimate venues to see potential stars of the future and build up a friendship with bands. His favourite unsigned bands include Tone Locked, Eva Under Fire, The Fallen State and Patriot Rebel.

Listen to ‘Dean Delivers Rock’ on Mondays at 19:00.

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Luke Dunmore
Luke presents ‘Schizophonic’, a fortnightly show of music he loves and/or whatever he can brusquely shoehorn into the ‘Rock’ category. From Punk to Prog, via Grindcore, Ska, Stoner, Indie and all along the way. He plays what he likes and he likes what he ruddy well plays.
‘Schizophonic’ airs alternate Tuesdays 19:00-20:00

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Mike Ward B&W
Mike 'Wardy' Ward
Being one fifth of The Rock Co-operative, ‘Wardy’ knows a thing or two about good music. Having organised gigs with loads of great bands and become good friends with the rock stars of the future, Mike has many funny and insightful stories as well as some cracking music to play for you.
‘Rock the Wardy Way’ on Fridays between 19:00 and 20:00.

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Lucy Heffer B&W
Lucy Heffer

Lucy plays the best of emerging rock bands alongside southern, blues, country and folk influenced tracks.

Broadcasting on alternate Sunday evenings at 19:00 and Mondays at 01:00 for the US audience, tune in to ‘The Ultimate Line-up’ and kick back and enjoy a kaleidoscope of music to end your weekend.

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Craig Bailey
Craig joins the ERB Team as our Birmingham based gig junkie and will be sharing his eclectic tastes on his Wednesday night shows ‘Over The Hump’. Expect a wide range of sounds swinging from modern rock and metal, cool country, blues and heavy stoner rock. During each show, he will be highlighting the ERB bands from his home area in The Central Sound.
Get ‘Over the Hump’ each Wednesday night between 20:00 and 21:00.

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Gareth Endean
Gareth presents ‘The Metal Show’, combining music from the best new metal bands with his own personal brand of idiocy. A lifelong metal fan, Gareth has walked the walk, talked the talk and as the author of ‘Half a Ton of Heavy Metal’ when we say he’s written the book on metal we mean it literally!
‘The Metal Show’ airs on Friday nights between 20:00 and 21:00. Your headbanger’s ball awaits!

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Evelyn Barr 3
Evelyn Barr

Evelyn Barr hails from Kilmarnock in the South West of Scotland and has close links to the music bars in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Her ‘Empress of Rock’ show on ERB radio has a heady mix of classic rock, sleaze rock and hard hitting, heavy riffs, with a bit of face melting metal thrown in for good measure. Tune in to the ‘Empress of Rock’ alternate Mondays at 19:00.

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Bruce Hotchkies

Bruce Hotchkies joins ERB Radio as his alter ego DJ Deadly. Sharing his ‘Deadly Guide to the Great White North’ as he lives in Canada, Bruce also fronts hard rock band The Deadly Romantics

Airing on Wednesday nights at 20:00 and repeating at 02:00 Thursday (UK time), the ‘Deadly Guide to the Great White North’ is your guide to all things North American.

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Will Preston
Will Preston is one sixth of Welsh rock band, Black Lakes. Based in Bristol, he can often be found near the bar at a gig in any one of the multiple awesome music venues in the city.  A lifelong lover of a wide range of music, Will jumped at the chance to share the music and bands that he loves with our listeners.
Tune into Will’s ‘Monday Night Metal’ every Monday from 20:00

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Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb’s 50/50 show will bring you music that will be divided into two halves – two different themes! Ryan is a solo rock artist based in Swindon and spends most of his days in his studio either writing, recording or practising, when he’s not performing.
‘The 50/50 Show’ is aired on alternate Sundays at 19:00

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Mike Ross

Mike Ross is a talented solo artist and member of RHR, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer.
Mike brings his passionate, wide-ranging, insightful love of music to ERB Radio, so expect his show to be an eclectic mix of classic and new rock, blues and more. What’s more, there’ll be a regular ‘peer to peer’ interview feature.
‘The Clovis Continuum’ is aired on Saturdays between 20:00 and 22:00.

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