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Struggling with the mundanities of life in an East Midlands market town. Bottling it all up and ready to explode. The quiet ones are the worst they say but there's nothing quiet about Saboteurs' outpouring of pent-up emotions.

Unstoppable alt-metal crew CROSTPATHS continue their ascension with the launch of their sophomore EP, Mutated, out Friday 27th November. Before then, the nu-metalcore rapscallions will drop their explosive new single, Rampage, which arrives on Friday 4th September.

While heavily rooted in NWOTHM, the band are Influenced by the sounds of classic 80’s heavy metal like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to the powerful energy delivered by the likes of Iced Earth. Stormrider combines elements of heavy, power and thrash metal to create a unique and uncompromising blend of raw and explosive metal that leaves a lasting impact on listeners. Strength to Strength

Formed in 2008, Shotgun Rodeo are a four piece heavy metal band hailing from the city of Trondheim, Norway. Seamlessly cruising across a sea of metal styles and sub-genres, Shotgun Rodeo blend groove metal and hook driven riffs with thrash infused vocals and power metal overtones. There are also hints of death-metal for good measure.

Everlit is a hard rock outfit from Philadelphia, PA. Their powerful hard-hitting debut EP “Renovate”, was released on June 23, 2015. They’ve since released 4 singles with a new single coming every month or so through 2019

Take fireball vocal powerhouse Dity and the hard hitting, harder grooving Raven brothers, bind them together and you get Coridian.  the four-piece Auckland based who are fast becoming one of the best new names in Kiwi rock.

The band met in the communal area of our local psych ward. After becoming sick of the modern world and the noise that was being spewed out of the radio these days, the 5 lads fell into a deep delusional state. They began to disassociate with the world around them to such a degree that they began having a shared delusion that they were in the greatest rock band to come out of Northern Ireland We are Delusional Silence.

“Groovy, versatile, powerful, indescribable” Modern with twists of vintage elements. Power mixed with emotion. TerraDown blends many different genres into one, personal sound. A unit on stage, a unity as a whole. That defines TerraDown. A groovy, melodic death metal band, but also so much more.

Music project from Tallinn, Estonia since February 2019. Two former classmates JaanKarnouhhov and Deniss Burašnikov formed duo. The project was named: "Metallicity"

Formed in October 2016, Gallows Circus have since been playing to audiences around the country to enthusiastic reception! Recently coming out of the studio with their second EP in tow which will be hijacking your eardrums in the very near future.

In 2019 Vantage Point followed up their album, Work Work Work, with the EP Back at Work, before moving away from the work theme and on to songs about the road. Two four track releases, On the Road & Collision Course completed their year, with a third in the road trilogy, 24 Hour Breakdown, scheduled for the start of 2020

Dead Demons are a four piece Heavy Rock band bringing their own unique style and sound to your town / city