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The band met in the communal area of our local psych ward. After becoming sick of the modern world and the noise that was being spewed out of the radio these days, the 5 lads fell into a deep delusional state. They began to disassociate with the world around them to such a degree that they began having a shared delusion that they were in the greatest rock band to come out of Northern Ireland We are Delusional Silence.

Music project from Tallinn, Estonia since February 2019. Two former classmates JaanKarnouhhov and Deniss Burašnikov formed duo. The project was named: "Metallicity"

Formed in October 2016, Gallows Circus have since been playing to audiences around the country to enthusiastic reception! Recently coming out of the studio with their second EP in tow which will be hijacking your eardrums in the very near future.

Described as sharp, alternative rock with a dark, heavy edge, 50 Year Storm are an unsigned three-piece from the Cornish coast.

Unapologetically powerful, charismatic and tightly presented; ‘Stand Alone’ blend together: heavy guitar riffs, crunching bass lines and thunderous drums whilst still maintaining a definite groove and infectious sense of melody.

We would describe our music as Classic Rock with a modern melodic feel, together with a hard edge and tight under belly! All tracks are accompanied by soaring melodies and up to 4part harmonies.

5-piece hard rock band from Lincoln, UK. Drawing influence from major arena artists of the last few decades, and with an emphasis on composition and song-craft, they bear comparison to the likes of Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm and Muse, to name a few.

"We all have half lives" is how powerhouse rock trio Halflives introduce their vision. Behind this raw statement stands the idea that our journey through existence is the sum of our battles, which ambivalently break us and build us.

Each of the ten songs is crafted well and delivered impeccably. The standard of song writing, musicianship, and production has resulted in a polished and professional-sounding debut collection Richard Wall Needle in the groove

Spending time in isolation allowed time for reflection and experimentation with creativity, and Verity and Alex White seized this opportunity. Turning their usual writing process inside out, they have produced ‘ After the Storm ’, a stunning 5 track EP

We don't feel the need to ponce around with our tracks to make them sound commercial for hours , days , weeks, months. At the end of the day, music is to enjoy, once you start changing what you do to fit

Established in Fort Lee, New Jersey in 2009 by Marc Del Giudice, Morningside Lane has enjoyed domestic and international recognition with their take on the energetic