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Two brothers, four long term friends, all of whom have played together in different bands over the last twenty years have come back together for the love of writing and performing original rock n roll and classic metal.

I write songs visually, like I paint,’ says singer songwriter and artist Ria Parfitt. ‘Everything’s an image.’

District 13 are a heavy alternative rock band based in London. The band came together when Asen (Drums) and Richard (Bass) placed an advert for a singer to start a new project. Jon (Vocals/Guitar) applied and District 13 was formed.

Call to the Faithful are an alternative rock band from Peterborough, UK, featuring (pictured left to right) Matt Beard on vocals, Ethan Grice on bass, Will Bowen on drums and Oscar Smith on guitar.

Guns For Girls are a post-grunge alternative groove rock band from the Midlands, UK. Driving, riff-laden songs with strong melodies set them aside from anything you've heard before.

Los Angeles, California, The City of Angels...cross-genre rock ‘n’ roller Derek Day is emerging from the creative cauldron of quarantine with a timely, provocative new single, “Click On Me”. He’s joined by venerable Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, whose eclectic career blending everything from punk to funk is a natural complement to Day’s own encompassing influences. The single and accompanying 3D animated music video, make their global debut September 17.

Pylon Poets are a band from Torquay, Devon, UK.  Their sound is described as a new wave mix of bands such as Muse, The Killers and a hint of solo  legends such as David Bowie and Prince. 

Struggling with the mundanities of life in an East Midlands market town. Bottling it all up and ready to explode. The quiet ones are the worst they say but there's nothing quiet about Saboteurs' outpouring of pent-up emotions.

Ryan Hunt, Jack Wild and Sass Lafferty, together they have crafted a refreshing new take on rock music bringing their personalities and boundless influences to their musical melting pot.

Having always wanted to write and produce his own music  but always finding excuses not to, singer/songwriter Andy finally released his 16 track debut album, Save Yourself, in December 2019. Described as the epitome of d-i-y indie rock, the guitar driven songs mix energetic rock with feelings of loss, hope and change.

Torrid (A Love Affair) are a Brighton-based rock/grunge outfit with a 90s vibe and a proggy edge. Experience protean riffs, catchy hooks and epic 3-part harmonies.

Circus 66 is not your average rock band. This is a group of passionate musicians with a love for what they do, and a life-long passion for creating songs that blur the lines between various genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. Their music sets the bar higher when it comes to creativity, combining influences such as blues, funk, alternative rock, and more.