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Scruffy Bear / band

Scruffy Bear brings new energy to rock music. Comprised of Georgy Eaton,

Ryan Hunt, Jack Wild and Sass Lafferty, together they have crafted a refreshing new take on rock music bringing their personalities and boundless influences to their musical melting pot.

With 19,000+ streams worldwide under their belt and radio play in the UK, USA, Canada, South America and mainland Europe, Scruffy Bear are loud and raw yet they incorporate intricacies that are otherwise lost with the rock and roll attitude


2020 has already given the band their 3rd sold out headline Manchester show, first UK tour (both pre-lockdown, of course) and the release of their 4th single ‘Pebbles’. The band are currently working on their debut EP set to be released later in the year. 


Pebbles – Scruffy Bear


Pebbles is about the constant battles of being in your early 20s. Just when you think you’ve got your brain and your life on the track there’s ALWAYS something else to pull you down the rabbit hole and you’ve got to start all over again. I wrote the chorus as being prematurely excited about getting old, moving to the middle of the woods and living out your golden years. When in reality, I know I’ve got the rest of my life to be bored with having to go over the same obstacles.