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Saboteurs / band

Struggling with the mundanities of life in an East Midlands market town. Bottling it all up and ready to explode. 
The quiet ones are the worst they say but there's nothing quiet about Saboteurs' outpouring of pent-up emotions.

The band's 2018 debut EP attracted a growing fan-base and recognition by BBC Introducing, Richer Sound's Artist of the Week and as finalists in Radio Wigwam's Rock Act of the Year. From the gothic post-punk splendour and dark, foreboding rock of 'Nobody Knows Me Like You' , to the haunting slow-burn of 'Coraline' , Saboteurs manage somehow to transcend genres. The juxtaposition stems from the contrasting styles of songwriters Ben Ellis (vocals/guitars) and Rick Whitehead (guitars/vocals). 'We just can’t do trends. We end up chucking in elements from all manner of genres and smashing them together'.

Their debut album, 'Dance With The Hunted' was released on 4 May 2019 with reviewers finding elements as diverse as Soundgarden, Radiohead, Nirvana, Goo Goo Dolls, U2 and Korn:

'Fusing elements of alt-rock, grunge, post-punk, metal and folk, they create hard-hitting music that thrills and surprises....a heavy, emotionally-wrought album to be sure – there are no upbeat love songs here! But it’s a beautifully-crafted work, with deeply compelling, heartfelt lyrics, gorgeous rock melodies, and magnificent instrumentals. Every track is superb, with no filler or throwaways' (

'There’s a real smorgasbord of musical influences all overlapping in an eclectic and rich sound here. It speaks to the many with its relatable lyrics that really resonate and takes you on a real adventure with all its many musical twists and turns. There is definitely a darkness to the record, it’s sombre and hard hitting, kind of like if Radiohead and Nirvana had a baby' (

'...amazing guitar that just blows through you and powerful vocals' (Muzak Review)

'Blew my tits off' (Lone Frequencies)

Saboteurs are: Ben Ellis (vocals/rythym guitars); Rick Whitehead (guitars/vocals); Pete Botterill (drums); Geoff Standeven (bass); and Kirsty Marlog (backing vocals).

Wherever the white lines take us...

With influences as diverse as New Model Army, Biffy Clyro, Neil Young and Thrice, Saboteurs' debut album, 'Dance With The Hunted', was  released on 4 May 2019.

'We just can’t do trends. We end up chucking in elements from all manner of genres and smashing them together'. Well, it works.
And with a new rhythm section in place - Pete Botterill (drums) and Geoff Standeven (bass) - 
the band will be hitting the road again with live dates across the UK.