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Quiet the thief / band

Quiet the Thief may have transformed their sound over the years but one thing always remains the same: their love for catchy groovy infectious dirty riffs.  Forming back in 2014 bursting onto the scene with “Slow Running Train” a song that would define Quiet the Thief’s debut EP “Beyond Wonderland” with hard classic rock with a modern twist.  Moving on to debut album “Silent Screams” came a transition of sound leaning towards a much more fuzzier feel “Feed the Wolf” became an instant hit and a fan favourite. QTT added  massive riffs along with fuzzy tones to their skill set, “Fate of Elision” brings hard rock, stoner groove and doom all together  in one package “Star Crossed Lover”, “Free Fall” & “Open Road”, you know the EP is good when the band can’t agree on a favourite.