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Circus 66 / band

Circus 66


is not your average rock band. This is a group of passionate musicians with a
love for what they do, and a life-long passion for creating songs that blur the lines
between various genre definitions and sonic aesthetics. Their music sets the bar higher
when it comes to creativity, combining influences such as blues, funk, alternative rock,
and more.

The British group came to life in 2013 – starting out as a 3-piece line-up, building the
fundamentals of their sound, whilst winning over more fans and experimenting with
different creative ideas. Their 2014 debut EP, aptly titled “Act I,” was a bold statement,
followed by another EP a year later.
Soon after, the group had the chance to share the stage with acts such as The Wild Lies,
Sons of Icarus, Tequila Mockingbird, Massive Wagons, Hells Gazelles & The Dust Coda.
Even after 2 successful releases, Circus 66 was still on the lookout for new ideas and a
different creative direction.
They welcomed in a 4th member – vocalist Annabelle. She helped the band find their
distinctive sound, with her soothing, yet energetic vocals. Their 3rd EP release,
“Showtime” is an explosive combination of rock music with catchy melodies and upbeat
Early 2019 saw bassist Luke & drummer Leigh join the band, adding a new dimension to
the band with hard hitting grooves and lively performances to the delight of their fans.
The band has been going strong through 2019 and are now working on brand new music
to be released later in 2020. To this day, Circus 66 has been featured on media outlets
such as Hard Rock Hell Radio, Chat & Spin Radio, and Down the Front Media,
culminating with a live on air performance on the BBC. Don’t miss out on their most
recent single, “A Thousand Miles from Home,” taken from their upcoming record,
“Follow the Black Crow.”