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Lucy Heffer B&W

Lucy Heffer


Lucy's Ultimate Line-Up

Lucy Heffer

Lucy plays the best of emerging rock bands alongside southern, blues, country and folk influenced tracks.

Broadcasting on alternate Sunday evenings at 19:00 and Mondays at 01:00 for the US audience, tune in to ‘The Ultimate Line-up’ and kick back and enjoy a kaleidoscope of music to end your weekend.

Latest Show

Track Listing 10/10/2021

  1. Robert J Hunter – Suitcase Blues – 2021 Remaster
  2. Gin Annie – Jealousy
  3. Elles Bailey – Cheats and Liars
  4. God Damn Smile – Bleed Out Of Love
  5. Wesley Dean – Never Thought of You
  6. Kandia – The Flood
  7. SKAM – Deadliest Sin
  8. Fear of Falling – End of Days
  9. Starlite Campbell Band – Gaslight
  10. Kinstrife – Fear
  11. Larry Fleet – Working Man
  12. Trident Waters – Good Time Roller
  13. Kris Barras – Dead Horses
  14. The Lowly Strung – Dear Lila

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