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Craig Bailey


Over the Hump

Craig Bailey
Craig joins the ERB Team as our Birmingham based gig junkie and shares his eclectic tastes on his Wednesday night shows ‘Over The Hump’.  Expect a wide range of sounds swinging from modern rock and metal, cool country, blues and heavy stoner rock. During each show, he highlights the ERB bands from his home area in The Central Sound.

Latest Show

Track Listing 08/09/2021

  1. Murder In Greenvale – Stay
  2. Blood Red Saints – This Aint A Love Song
  3. Flatland Kings – These Are The Days
  4. Florence Black – Sun & Moon
  5. Like Machines – Come And Get It
  6. Elles Bailey – Cheats And Liars
  7. Monowhales – Out With The Old
  8. The Cold Stares – Hard Times
  9. Gin Annie – Devil In Me
  10. Gorilla Riot – Sometimes Birds Never Fly
  11. Lost Division – No God
  12. Sweet Crisis – Aint Got Soul
  13. Skinny Knowledge – Sayonara

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