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Chris Bolus


Rock Revelation

Chris Bolus

Asahartz’ Rock Revelation with Chris Bolus

Chris has been listening to rock music (and playing it!) since 1974 when an uncle pointed him in the right direction, and so grew up with Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy et al. He was the only mobile DJ in town who would play rock music! Having brought up a family, he got back into gigging in 2010 thanks to his daughters, and he’s been a regular gig and festival goer ever since.

After all that time in rock, he’s never been more excited by the live rock scene than now.  When lockdown began in 2020 he started his own radio show, and has been presenting ever since.  His mission is to promote modern rock music, to bring these bands to a wider audience; all the best in new rock music with a few old favourites thrown in alongside.

‘Rock Revelation’ airs Saturdays between 16:00 and 18:00

Latest Show

Track Listing 16/10/2021

  1. Muddibrooke – Liverpool Guy
  2. Indya – Love Like Champagne
  3. Kandia – The Flood
  4. Smashed Gladys – Bleed For Me
  5. God Damn Smile – Bleed Out Of Love
  6. Sparralimb – Little Agonies
  7. Wildstreet – Mrs Sleazy
  8. Winterburn – Dogtown (Single Edit)
  9. Vendetta Love – Lost
  10. A Joker Among Thieves – Don’t Run Away
  11. A Ritual Spirit – Zion (Radio Edit)
  12. Black Star Jackals – Hollow
  13. Carl Sentance – California Queen
  14. Neptune Rain – Rise
  15. Wolf Jaw – Medley
  16. Hollowstar – Good Man Gone
  17. THEIA – Blue Heart
  18. SKAM – I’m Not The Only One
  19. Edenthorn – A Matter of Opinion
  20. Hunted By Elephants – Keep on Giving Me Loving
  21. The Georgia Thunderbolts – It’s Alright
  22. Dead Dirty Dinosaurs – Brainfire
  23. Karobela – Libertine
  24. Korsunnuz – Half LIfe
  25. Fans Of The Dark – The Running Man
  26. Scarlet Rebels – Take You Home
  27. Those Damn Crows – Seven Days

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